Honeysuckle is my Friend

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TLDR: based on the latest research, before I next travel I will do the following things: (1) one week before the trip, take the Chinese herbal formula Yu Ping Feng Tang (Jade Screen Decoction) every day; (2) the day before, during, and continuing a couple of days after, take tincture of honeysuckle, as well as dandelion.

I was taking a continuing education class on herbal medicine today when I came across this amazing new information: it turns out that honeysuckle flowers (jin yin hua in Chinese) have the ability to interfere with a certain spike protein’s ability to bind to ACE2 receptors. This means that it can most likely prevent infection of that particular virus (you know the one we’re tired of hearing about), from the get-go. So if I am going to fly, or be in another context around many people where I’m concerned about infection, I will start taking this the day before the event, 4 squirts of the tincture three times a day, and continue for a couple of days afterwards.

One study showing this effect is here:


I’m editing this post because I just became aware of this study:


This shows that an extract of the common dandelion is also effective at stopping the viral spike protein from binding to the relevant ACE receptors. That’s great news! So I would add dandelion tincture to the protocol as well.

In addition, I’d start taking yu ping feng san (the Jade Screen formula) a week in advance.

Here’s to hoping for a healthy spring for us all!