Would you like to share your experience of getting treatments from me? If so, please do so here. If you would like your comment to be anonymous, please say so in the comment box. Thanks so much for your support!

“I see Manu for herbs, acupuncture and consultation to help with physical (knee pain, back pain and breathing difficulties) and psychological ailments (anxiety, trauma). He is magical. His work is so gentle, if I didn’t experience such amazing results, I’d swear he’s not doing anything. Manu’s kind and playful nature immediately puts my nervous system at ease leaving me open hearted, feeling safe, and attuned to. I trust him fully.” – Anonymous

2 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. Manu is truly gifted at his craft. His work is more effective than any other variety of acupuncture I had experienced before and I’ve seen a number of acupuncturists. Most significantly he doesn’t put the acupuncture needles in and then leave you in the room alone. Rather he holds them at an acupuncture point almost touching your body and is always checking if they are doing what he intends. No lying in a room alone with needles in everywhere. His intuitive sense is incredibly accurate! He also creates custom tinctures. The combination of treatments and tinctures have been key to keeping my hot flashes at bay through menopause. I have been a patient of his for years.

  2. Manu is a gifted acupuncturist, herbalist and healer. He has helped me through many physical injuries and emotional trauma. I have recommended him to my husband and to friends. We all feel extremely grateful to have Manu in our lives.

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