In accordance with Washington state board of health and CDC guidelines, I’ve now instituted the following rules:

Before coming in, please print out, review, initial where indicated, and sign the following form:

– If you have any symptoms that might be COVID, such as cough, fever, fatigue, and so on, do NOT come in. Even if the symptoms seem mild, it’s best to stay home. Text me at 206 dash 437 dash 2968 and let me know; we can either convert your appointment to an online, remote visit, or cancel. I can send you some herbs, or do any of my remote work. I will not charge you any extra, and will not charge for a missed appointment.

– No patient can come early; if you do, you’ll have to wait outside until your appointment time. This is to minimize interactions and exposure, for everyone. If I’m not already waiting for you, text or call me (at the above number) so I can open the door for you, and you don’t have to touch the handle.

– Everyone must wear a mask, according to the Washington State Department of Health; for health care offices, this rule is still in effect. I can’t let you in unless you’re wearing one. I will try to have some extra ones at the office, but can’t guarantee it.

– Do your best not to touch anything in the main office. If you accidentally do, there will be hand sanitizer available, so please use it immediately.

– It’s best if you do not use any of the bathrooms. If you have to, use an antiseptic wipe to clean every surface before touching. Do your best to stay in the room less than 10 minutes.

– I’ll walk you to the treatment room and give you hand sanitizer once you’re there. Then you can relax and enjoy a treatment session.

– Unfortunately, there can be no hand shakes or hugs. I like to use the Vulcan method: simply raise your hand in a V-shape and say, “live long, and prosper”.

– During the treatment, I will be running a sanitizing air purifier, and have the window open a bit. This helps prevent the accumulation of viral particles in the air.

– After your treatment is done, it’s best to leave the office right away, without touching anything in the main areas. I’ll open the front door for you so you don’t have to touch the handle.

– After a treatment is complete and the patient has left, I wipe surfaces in the room down with CDC-approved antiseptics. Then I further disinfect the room using UV-C light. When you make an appointment, you’ll see the appointment is an hour longer than what you selected. That extra hour is not treatment time, it’s the time needed to disinfect the office, and to air out the ozone. So if you chose a one-hour treatment, and your appointment shows it’s from 1 to 3, it means your appointment is finished at 2 pm. Disinfection happens in that extra hour, and no one can be in the room for most of that.

– I will also wear a mask, and be washing my hands and using hand sanitizer to all professional standards.

– Understand that even with all these precautions, there is still some unavoidable risk involved in coming in for a visit.

I know this might seem a bit much, but my first obligation is to keep everyone who comes to see me safe. If we follow these rules it will minimize the chances of anyone who visits the office getting sick; I look on it as one way we’re showing our love and concern for each other.