My office is located at:

Kula Movement

5340 Ballard Ave NW

in Ballard

  Phone: (360) 504-6850

 You can make an appointment by clicking here:

Schedule Online

I look forward to working with you.

Please do not ignore the email you get after signing up! It contains important information about how to get in, and other important details about how to prepare for your appointment.

My office is located on Ballard Ave, the old Ballard Street that intersects diagonally with Market Street. It’s about one and a half blocks south of Market, on the east side of the street, across from Miro Tea. Kula Movement is mostly a yoga studio, which is to your left when you walk in. There’s some chairs to your right where you can wait.

There’s no specific parking lot, but you can try to find parking on the street, on Shilshole, or at the hospital. If you’re taking the bus, # 44 or # 40 come close by, within a block or two.

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