My Services

An Individual, In-Depth Session: This is usually an hour long session.  For a treatment where you want to have individual attention for an entire session to deal with an issue like acute or chronic pain, this is the type of service for you. This is the standard service most people want.

A Tune-Up:This type of faster (less than 30 minutes) treatment is more affordable.  A *lot* can be done in that time, from treating back pain to relieving stress, but people often like a tune-up at the change of seasons or when they feel a bit run-down and not quite at their best. Many people say a quick tune-up at the right time can help you feeling your best!

Pediatric Acupuncture:  There are special Japanese acupuncture techniques just for kids!  I never need to insert needles in children, the techniques are more like a very gentle massage and are completely painless.  Because these treatments are fast, usually just 10 minutes or so, the cost is only $25.  You can see a video of one of my colleagues treating a child with this technique here.

Chinese Herbs and Flower Essences: 
Herbal medicines and supplements can in my opinion be very helpful for a wide range of conditions, especially for things like insomnia and menopausal hot flashes. I have found flower essences to be excellent for sensitive people who may find taking Chinese herbs difficult, and a useful addition to herbal formulas for those who can take them. I can prescribe an herbal or flower essence formula for you as part of any in-depth acupuncture session, or you can make an appointment just for herbs or flower essences.

A Qigong Lesson: Are you interested in a form of exercise that can effectively enhance your health, in almost any situation or with respect to any problem you’re currently struggling with? If so, practicing qigong may be for you.  Qigong is a type of gentle Chinese exercise using breathing and stretching that you can use to empower yourself and help take charge of your health.  Practicing a few of these techniques on a regular basis can dramatically increase your energy and help you become deeply relaxed.  When you keep in mind that some experts estimate that 95% or more of modern illnesses are caused or severely exacerbated by stress, the benefits become obvious.

In China, those who have chronic illnesses are prescribed a few months of qigong before getting other types of treatment.  I believe that qigong can help enhance your health almost no matter what’s going on, and once you learn it, you have it for life.  You can schedule a private qigong lesson online (discounts available for groups, call for details).

So how much does it cost?

The cost is determined by time, in increments of fifteen minutes. I have a Time of Service rate (for when you pay the same day as you receive treatment), and a Billing Rate (for when I have to bill you or someone else to get paid at a later date).

The Time of Service rate is $35 for the first fifteen minutes and $15 for every additional fifteen minutes afterwards; so an in-depth session is usually $65-$80 and a tune-up is $35-$50.

The Billing Rate is $45 for the first fifteen minutes and $20 for every additional fifteen minutes afterwards, so an in-depth session is usually $85-$105 and a tune-up is $45-$65.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email me (see the contact page) if you have any questions on which service is right for you.

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