You can easily make an appointment online by clicking here:

Schedule Online

The first time you use the system you’ll have to enter your email and a password, but not after that. If this is your first time making an appointment with me, I strongly suggest choosing a one-hour session.

If you have any trouble using the system, or you’d rather have me make the appointment for you, you can text me at (360) 504-6850.

Before making an appointment, please read my COVID-19 Policies and Procedures Page, and fill out the special consent form online here: COVID Consent Form.

Also please fill out this online health history form: Health History

Don’t ignore the email you get from the system after making an appointment, it contains important information, from me, on how to prepare for your session.

Note: I have made the decision to no longer be an in-network provider for any insurance company, which means I ask for full payment at the time of your visit. Upon request, I can send you a superbill which you can submit to your insurance company; sometimes they may pay you some percentage back, if they pay for out-of-network providers (but that’s not something I can guarantee).

If you want to use a superbill, please fill out the online insurance form: Insurance Information.

You can also always text me at (360) 504-6850, or email me using the form below, and I’ll be happy to help you.

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