How to Make an Appointment

You can easily make an appointment online by clicking here:

Schedule online now

The first time you use the system you’ll have to enter your email and a password, but not after that. Don’t ignore the email you get from the system after making an appointment, it contains important information on how to prepare for your session 🙂

Please download and fill out a health history form: History Form. Email it to me or bring it to your appointment.

If you’re hoping to pay with insurance, please call and confirm that your company will pay for a session with me, and find out: (1) what your co-pay is, (2) how many treatments you get, (3) whether pre-authorization is required, (4) whether a referral is required, (5) if I’m out-of-network with them, if they’ll pay anything and if so how much. I’m currently only a provider for Premera Blue Cross, so for all other companies you’ll need to pay up-front (I’ll give you a superbill you can submit to them, and they might give you something back). Please download and fill out the insurance form: Insurance Form, and email it to me or bring it with you to the appointment.

You can also always text me at (206) 437-2968, or email me using the form below, and I’ll be happy to help you.

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