You can easily make an appointment online by clicking here:

Schedule Online

The first time you use the system you’ll have to enter your email and a password, but not after that.

Before making an appointment, please read my COVID-19 Policies and Procedures Page, and fill out the special consent form.

Don’t ignore the email you get from the system after making an appointment, it contains important information, from me, on how to prepare for your session.

If this is your first time making an appointment, I strongly suggest choosing a one-hour session.

Please download and fill out a health history form: History Form. Email it to me or bring it to your appointment.

And the same with the insurance form, see below:

If you’re hoping to pay with insurance, please call and confirm that your company will pay for a session with me, and find out: (1) what your co-pay is, (2) how many treatments you get, (3) whether pre-authorization is required, (4) whether a referral is required, (5) if I’m out-of-network with them, if they’ll pay anything and if so how much.

I’m currently only a provider for Premera Blue Cross, so for all other companies you’ll need to pay up-front (I can give you a receipt you can submit to them, and they might give you something back, but I can’t guarantee it).

Please download and fill out the insurance form: Insurance Form, and email it to me or bring it with you to the appointment.

You can also always text me at 360 504 6850, or email me using the form below, and I’ll be happy to help you.

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