Because the latest scientific papers I’ve read show that the chance of presymptomatic transmission of the coronavirus is much higher than I’d previously thought, I’ve decided to close my doors to seeing patients in-person, so as to keep everyone as safe as I can.

This will be for this week at a minimum, possibly for some weeks longer, depending on how things go.

Instead, I can offer online herbal consultations: contact me via text with the condition you’d like treated, and send me a picture of your tongue. After a consult, I’ll mix up and send you an individualized herbal formula.

This is for those in Seattle or nearby only (I’m eating the cost of shipping). The best number to contact me is at 437 dash 2968, in the 206 area code.

When you take a picture of your tongue, be sure to include your whole tongue in the image including the tip, and that it’s well-lit with as much natural light as possible.

I can also offer an online version of the kind of emotional clearing work I do, for those interested. You just need a magnet, and then we can connect over FaceTime or Skype and so on. I can also include distance Reiki in this. Text me if you’d like this service, and we can arrange a time.

How to pay? I’ve set up a form for online payment here:

It’s fine to wait to pay until after you receive your herbal formula or after your online session with me.

Finally, I’m offering an online Qi Gong session through the folks at Studio Evolve. I’ll post details on how to sign up for that soon.

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