Acupuncture Training in Japan

My colleague Oran Kivity produced this video which is a nice illustration of the kind of training we do in Japan.

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Keeping your heart healthy

Keeping your heart healthy

I’ve got a new post with lots of interesting information on heart health.  Check it out!

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Mushrooms and Saving the World

I’ve got a new post upon my blog about a study on the use of mushrooms for cancer; check it out at http://acunews.wordpress.com!

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You can now schedule online!

You can make an appointment by clicking here: Schedule online now

As always, you can call or email me and I can make an appointment for you; see the “How to Make an Appointment” page.

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Spring Newsletter Published!

Hello!  For a free copy of my spring newsletter full of tips on enhancing your health from Chinese medicine, just send me your information:

Privacy policy: I’ll never give your information to anyone else or sell it, and I won’t spam you; I’ll only use it to let you know when the next newsletter is published (quarterly, except for occasional special reports, so maybe 6 times a year), and you can even opt out of that if you like, just say so in the comments section.

As always, you can also find news on the latest research into natural and holistic health approaches on my blog at http://acunews.wordpress.com.

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Yelp Deals!

I’ve got a special promotional deal on Yelp right now; find me on Yelp and you can purchase a treatment for as little as $35, an absolutely incredible deal for acupuncture!  Available while they last (I’ve got 12 deals still left at the time of this writing).

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Welcome to Agape Acupuncture’s Web Site!

Thanks for visiting! Above you at the top of your screen are links to the pages that talk about the kind of work I do, my office location, and so on. Please look around and let me know if you have any questions. I’ll be blogging on this page at least once a month or so, including with special promotions, so check back for the latest news!

Chinese scene

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Check here for Tips

I’ll be posting health tips, special promotions, and other news from and about Chinese medicine here every month, so be sure and check back here periodically for the latest goodies.

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